Follow Your GUT Instinct

I just finished reading a book entitled “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck ” by  Mark Manson.

It was an interesting read and there were many valid points (why sweat the small stuff?) , However I do believe that the author missed the mark ( to his credit ..he did respond to my contact via twitter)


Going out on  limb here ..I do not believe that he has ever been a woman who has been a long term victim ( and I completely dislike the  terminology of victim) of Domestic Violence(Physical, verbal, whatever)


LADIES ..if your gut instincts are screaming at you that there is a problem…then there likely is . This may become a major problem for you down the road …Do not ever disregard what your gut tells you . I married two men , who abused me..and my gut told me to walk away both times.  LIStening to yourself , unless you have a lot of insane voices talking into your head, at which juncture I suggest that you seek professional help ) Unfortunately , it is rarely those who have major issues who realize that they may , in fact, need guidance 😦


Mental Health vs NRA ??? Most individuals with mental disorders do not seek help because they are just fine and everyone else is the problem.

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