Getting a Lot of Attention on Quora..

I may know a lot about the NARC personality ..I am getting many views on Quora ..been there ..done that ..NARc , not Quora until recently


Meanwhile, back at the farm I have had more Etsy sales this week(end) than at any given month since I started in May 2009 so I am trying to keep that going ..meanwhile I am mystified as to how my younger, and more able friends ..appear to have hand trucks that they take to the PO with their daily orders …who me ..surpassing more than 3K views on anything

As an aside, I think you know that I am old . I wanted to possibly slap the patient next to me today (female over 50) who was speaking to another patient in relation to her daughter ..ie you do not need to be anything ..just marry an attorney(????)..The PT assistant informed me that the staff would like to reciprocate my feelings .

I guess another reason that my daughter, who disowned me , can thank me for telling her decades ago that she could be what she wanted to be…that she need not rely on a man to support her


Kress Haynes
Kress Haynes, 21 years married to a covert narcissist/sociopath

A person with narcissistic personality disorder can bond. The bond is much like a 3 year old bonds with a toy. The child can enjoy the toy just as much as he or she beats it into pieces with a hammer or is having a tea party as if the toy were it’s best friend . Being a narcissist’s toy is a nightmare you can’t wake up from a horror movie you can turn off. They will get mad at you for what they have done. They will blame you and project all the problems they create onto you just like a child blames a toy breaking under the hammer blows …”stupid toy your no good to me any more your all broken and it’s all your fault” that kind of behavior is expected from a child but when you see it in an adult and your the broken toy it’s shocking and life altering especially if the narcissist is someone you loved and trusted such as a spouse or worse a parent. I could say so much more but that would exceed the scope of the question. Hope this helps.

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