Who Takes care of The Caretaker ?

When “the caretaker” goes down..my simple question is ..who is there for the one who cared about everyone and took care of them ( to the best of my ability geez  when I began that Journey I was barely a seven year old child  )for the past 50 years ?? So far as I see …No one steps up …I advise all moms to keep one child , dependent, on you ..because if you raise successful, independent children you just may find yourself in a situation , where you are facing a medical crisis and no one truly sees that coming .

I do not have a regret regarding my children . I have done quite a bit for them , to provide them with the opportunities that slipped through my grasp .

I have s ever case of working mother guilt , which is why I often went over and beyond what a stay at home mom might do .

At the end of the day it appears that we Leave the world, much as we entered ..alone ..without your mother

Thank you to my child who has been there for me

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