Much Trauma LOL ??

Finally saw a marriage counselor last week ..When I told her a handful of incidents which have been done to me , over the past 50 years she covered her mouth, as if in shock  that someone has actually put up with , and survived this type of abuse ..and here I am rolling along ..taking it in stride …not so much , I admit since the spinal cord injury is periodically exacerbated by new injuries.

What amazes me is how children can use their parents , and have absolutely zero respect these days . I would never have addressed my paren(S) t with the heading WTF..

What I love (NOT ) is the children who turn their backs on their parents who have given everything to them ..when you find a rare 14K Gold Burmese ruby ring, which you had gifted with love, in the trash ..you seriously start to question where your children’s heads are at ..

I would love feedback on this generation …I do not trust my daughter with a platinum bracelet circa 1930’s ..she throws everything out that I gifted my granddaughters

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