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I Love You ..I Worry

I love you ..I worry . Oft spoken words , generally uttered in an  apologetic tone .. I can clearly recall the days that I , in my naivitee’,  believed that once you were past  the stage where tiny fingers  could find their way into electrical sockets , or that little legs could empower themselves into the street that there would be smooth sailing ahead, and less worry involved . WRONG!!!

In this age of technology  where cell phones have become de absolutely panicked does one become when their child does not answer their cell phone? ( Originally written in 2005)

Yes , I did panic ..a lot ..when my children spoke to strangers ( once a neighbor had my middle son (3) in the shade of a tree at the edge of our property , and yes, I went out and scolded him ..the neighbor, for doing so as he could have been attempting to entice my son and I had no clue) . We reside in a very safe area in the US however Uber moms worry a lot and we ended up having a pedophile living down the street in years to come .

Stalking Sleepovers ..yes I have …although I worked a minimum of 40+ hours a week I am absolutely guilty of driving and sitting outside another parent’s home quite late at night , in my jammies , as my daughter was invited to a sleepover for people who were new in town, renting , and from a different state …this is cause for mama drama

Playing with Guns…Nothing can quite inspire panic within an Uber mom more than discussing the days events and a playdate with your child , who has informed you that the played ” with his father’s gun” ..I never allowed my child back in that home and did question every parent thereafter , whether they had fire arms in their homes ‘

Hopsital (ER ) Trips ..Suffice it to say , that my son’s were taken to the ER fairly frequently  and both had facial plastic surgery by their second birthday’s .

On the first , I was working ( 10 hour Tuesday) when my spouse had my 6 yo call me about an Emergency involving my child ( way to have your heart lodged in your throat ) . Ironically , said child had an abscess on his lip and I took him to work ( where we did an occlusal film) to see if there were  remnants of a foreign object in his lip . There was and , after much ribbing and you are paranoid ..blah blah blah, I did take him back to plastic surgeon who confirmed that there was actually a wood chunk left in his lip . On the second, I was chastised for having a garage sale as my youngest ran into a desk and cut his nose . This ruined our vacation in VA that year ..A recurrent theme is that I can never do anything right :(…EVER The second ran into a desk at a garage sale and cut his nose fault .It ruined our vacation in VA that year …What I have learned is EVERYTHING is my fault

I am responsible for all that has transpired wrong in this world.. My abject apologies to my offspring for offering you no love …no inspiration…no empathy …no support. I was the most Epic failure as a mother



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