How can you determine if a liar is telling the truth ??

First of all, If you have the answer please contact me.

In my personal opinion the response would be…you cannot tell if a pathological ( or someone who just likes to lie for shits and giggles) is lying

Liars are only sorry …or pretend to be, when they are caught

If you are inherently honest , then that is your mindset ,just as lying is the mind set of the liar ..remember that

A really good liar can convince you of something you know cannot possibly be true .

My advice..avoid liars

Is this a genetic trait???

Many years ago someone stated to me that they were “As honest as I can be” to which I responded..to which I responded ” So you could be a pathological liar and if that is as honest as you can be . You are still a pathological liar (?) )


I cannot seem to make my way past manipulative people , or pathological lairs 😦 which appears to be my bad ..I cannot fathom this concept ..lying ..is it genetic??? What goes around definitely comes around

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