Happy Birthday Nicole

38 years ago …tonight at 10:30 pm I gave birth to my first child . I remember not feeling well the night before and the hospital was over an an hour away so off we went .

Ha, at least at that age I was young (not a cripple who could barely lift anything or walk around the corner) so I spent the day playing frisbee and laying in the sun . I don’t believe I was ever forgiven that. I was 22 years old ..

As I did not have a job and was on hiatus from pre-med studies…thank Heavens …it was my idea t be rather safe than sorry so off we headed to the hospital. After 13 hours they told me it may be false labor and I replied I am not leaving without a baby. I remember walking the halls for hours in a blue silk robe …Finally , after 20+ hours of hard labor I was induced .Being on welfare I did not have insurance my and went through three shifts of residents .

Your first bath was given to you by me . LOL , she was born in Iowa and had black curly hair but for the apgar test she never left my side

The one who delivered her was the best . They had to do the Apgar score . I sent her father to check ..he is a Dr after all and it was very rude of me to give birth during hid finals so I had to AMA out the next day, probably less than 12 hours after birth .

She had jaundice and I would sit outside with her in the carriage when we arrived home and she was fine. My then ex said to me z’ your are the strongest person I have ever known , but that child is your weak spot. In losing her I would lose myself . He was right in that comment.

She hates me now but I did my best . When your father tossed you in your crib … had enough Lnowing you, I am fairly certain you tossed the bambi blanket that I hand hooked for you, with much love I guess you learned from your father to turn towards the money and not love for your own children. Such is your choice. We all have them ..sometimes the best decisions are not made. I could not forget today ❤

BTW, best birth experience at University of Iowa and how appropriate that

tshe made her way into this world d

while the Rod Stewart song “hot Legs” was playing …Unforgettable

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