Take out or redundant meals? Poor Ones at that

It is never wise to cripple to cook, shopper, refinisher , doer . What happens when you are wed to an individual who watches cooking shows frequently but can’t actually cook. So it is that or take out .

Fortunately as a child , I spent a plentitude of time with Godmother Nettie , who was in my opinion , the cook of all cooks …sorry Emiral, Rachel etc. My cousin , who passed several years ago, hasd a restaurant In Clearwater Florida , name DTradewinds ,  RIP TOMMY


Since beinag A  dv victim with limited arm or leg use I haven’t really been able to cook that much. I used to spend three days doing a family Christmas …at least three veggies, 15 pounds of mashed and 5 pounds of  baked potatoes with cinanimon and apples ….freash cranberry sauce , Ham Turkey , cornbread stuffing with apples , pears celery and raisins..at least 7 homemade deserts including Mississippi mud pies and cranberry pie ( to name a few ) I had a very demanding job but I too those day s off for the holidays asa I entertained 30-40 people and everything was made from scratch .


I would like to note that my son @Hungry and Fit has by far cooked and served the best meals that I have had in years .


A few years weeks ago he was cooing vegan ravioli cand  said oka..meke the ravioli and then we will salute it with spices, sautéed arugula and added spices and raw red onion.e said this is like a restaurant meal …no crap …NEVER CrIPPLE the one who can do it all…Family Favorite recipe …Lentils and franks …finger down throat . I never had it ..thank God …This was the metamorphasis of Tucci Meals…EEEEKKKKS GROSS

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