Coronaires or just dirty New Jersey’ans??

While this virus is swiftly seeping the country a resident in my county ha conducted this virus or never washes his hands , like my husband or his mother .

I was a pre-med student and wa first in my class. I have always been held by wash your damn hands and understanding ryour nails . God help me but my MIL used to bake cookies for my children and place them on uncleaned styrofoam , which held raw raw meat ….GROSS ME OUT

People like these spread diseases ..a sneeze, a cough …prooduce has always been vulnerable to Ecoli …workers go the bathroom without hand washing. I DON;T EVEN WISH TO EAT ANYTHING MADE BY MY SPOUSE …..Maybe we should all be reading up on sterilization techniques . I aced that class ..No one has been ever been made ill by a meal I cooked

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