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Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Aids

I have suffered from sleep deprivation for many years . I believe that I have tried pretty much everything from insane amounts of melatonin (Dr recommended) to sleeping pills , sage burning , sniffing essential oils ..etc  etc


Oh #Remfresh if I could only sleep 8 hours and wake up refreshed I might just be in a dream world . Same goes for #Natrol Day and Night for stress and anxiety . The day part (white pills) gave me anxiety from day one. The yeasty brown pills do seem to work the best (the night time ones) and by best I mean maybe three hours sleep with other meds.


Obviously individual results may vary . I have PTSD so that is a load of fun and games all by itself …


If you have difficulty sleeping and are in a normal situation 10mg of melatonin and 50 megs of benadryl just may do it for you .

I Recently spoke to a sleep Dr who said if you are in a traumatic situation…it’s not going to work but you will not OD on what you are taking ..whew. I googled sleepwalking  at the #Mayo Clinic and three causes highlighted were  were sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression…check check check


Please check with medical professional’s  as this is my experience : however after bouts of sleepwalking and several years of literally 2-3 hours I feel a walking zombie


Really difficult when your comfort zone disappears

4 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Aids

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    1. I have been alcove the stores reading ingredients on sleep meds. That either contain benadryl, which I have anyway or lavender and chamomile For those not in the know chamomile is related to ragweed (same family) I am allergic to that so no go. It has been years that I have slept more than 3 hours a night …unless my son wa there (how ironic. I am not glad of my weight gain. My spine is trashed . per my PT . I cannot carry extra weight .. My family has little to no concern about about drop and run mommy , who ran more than she could for a very long time Thank you ….I have seen sleepwalking before as it does run in my family.It’s super creepy


    2. I have been playing with various sleep aids for several years . I have actually taken 70 mg of melatonin , diazepam , benadryl and alternation between melatonin sleep anxiety and refresh . I do not sleep more than 3 hours a night . Unisom is a waste as the active ingredient for sleep is the same as taking two benadryl . A
      \Dr had suggested zquill which is the same story ..same ingredients as benadryl I do not like taking huge doses of anything but I also know that you need to sleep …perhaps try something with L theanine?


    3. Thank you Sandie…. I so need to lose weight …live in one of the hot spots for cover….can barely walk cervical / spinal stenosis going on 14 years been in PT 13 pf those years …now I can’t hold weight on my legs or make it to the coffeepot …def need an MRI and cortisone shots but no Drs are available up here


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