The Day The Music Died

Contrary to the Don McClean hit Single “American Pie” , and coincidentally I learned in the past few years that one of my relatives was his Godmother , Fun family fact. The Music died for me on July 26, 1986.

I was raised in a very musical family . In fact , close relatives managed, and performed at the original Metropolitan House in Manhattan, NY. The Victrola was used frequently. As soon as I was able I bought myself a stereo, which I listened to constantly , through head phones . I own sever al hundred + albums, cassettes and Dvd’s but I am limited in my use of them .

LOL, if my children recall me blasting music and singing, with them, on Friday nights, when we were alone. Also the night we built volcanoes and diaroma;s on the kitchen floor and danced in circles …Doubtful

I grew up with music. I was our churches youth soloist. I was offered a part on Broadway ( no self confidence) so I did not go there .

Much in demand I regret not singing for Aunt and Uncle’s Wedding . The song was “Morning is Broken” by Cat Stevens. I regret my mother’s request that I sing Danny Boy for my father’s funeral in 1995 .

What much , or most of my family, did not realize was that after I was wed I was not permitted to play music in my own home ..because it was noise. Actually, today I was informed that I could play a CD while someone was out of the house tending to a cat . Sometimes, I drive, within my new limitations, 2-3 miles …just to listen to Cd’s in my car .


Red Flags Folks . I do believe that all of my children have an appreciation of music . I don’t think they realize from whence it came  Hell I even came to love a rap CD that my son left in my 2003 Crv  (best car ever) …before it became his ……..


Okay well, I am off and listening to a CD which I have not heard for 30 years ..just ordered it and permitted to play while I am alone …

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