You can lose your keys..you can lose your wallet but do not EVER lose your heart or your soul

I have lost my heart…my soul and the essence of my being ..PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!

Actually , I have never lost my keys or my wallet ..My spouse dropped his wallet in the road , years ago .  I will never comprehend that ..as the wallet likely weighed 10 pounds ..how do you not feel as if you are dropping  10 poundsRight now I wish I could drop ten pounds . He accused the trash collectors of theft and I still hear about that ..why wait until you are hours away to bring this up?

He waited until we were hours from home to say something to me ..My reply ..perhaps you should have addressed this or called someone sooner??? So we went into a long (years ..forever)  that some one had stolen his wallet ..the garbagemen ..yes, they did pick it up and at the point that they attempted to use credit cards  that was a crime . I believe he had $700 cash in his wallet , which a neighbor and friend stated he would have just lost at the track , so forget it …

Me, fiscally responsible ..I really ( twice in my life brought powerball tickets) I should win because I would help others with those funds ..without a question .

I have lost my life , my sanity , my family due to dealing with ( or attempting to deal with a Narcissist) ..seriously every equation comes down to them you can bend all that you like ..it will Never matter ..they will take your heart , your soul, your mind ..without even a backwards glance..they are paramount ..they are #1 always . Alway ‘ s as this was re-iterated tome again last night . I have spent over 10K in attorney fees(gone)  to get out of this . I believe that I have one child left …


I am disabled I have been asking my spouse to please leave for a month , at least . Last night , he said I will leave . I will go on vacation to Myrtle Beach ..Sorry ..my thought was WTF I have not been on a vacation since 1999 ..what a hardship for you really(?) ..I feel horrific guilt that I hate the father of 2/3 of my children …but he has given me no reason to care ..He needs to retire to be my caretaker(?) I have a spinal cord injury caused by him …then why am I cooking large meals at least three times a week..he watches the cooking channel and he has now clue how to make a man thing ..I do not ..I know how to cook ..looking for the tape where he told me that he was fired 2+years ago , due to me ..apparently not the truth …how do you discern fact from fiction when your mindset is honest ..and some one else just is not ..and how genetic is this???


Terming me needing? what I need , and have , are sane friends who tell me that men out there would give whatever to have such a giving , non needing person in their life …what you buy into

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