Narcs ..not narcotics ..Narcissit’s

Axl Salvator
Axl Salvator, M.S Doctor & Physical Therapy, Emory University (2017)

Listen to me carefully mate,never ever try to humiliate a NPD mark my words,you are a normal individual and you have Empathy,they have 0 Empathy they will take the things to the most extreme that you will be basically mind fucked how cruel they can be,if you feel’t for him on the stages of Idealize you connected to him with Empathy you won’t take anything to the extreme.

They have child like emotional lvl’’If a random 2 yo child approaches you and slaps you on the face can you tell the child that he hurt your feelings or tell him what he did it was wrong,he even won’t understand you neither care,basically when you humiliate a NPD they will be the cruelest fucks on earth,it is like Humiliating the devil himself.

When i called my girl friend on her lies after she hoovered i shared everything with her on idealize phase and i told her if you lie to me once more i will expose you she goes like this’’Oh wow at least i have my whole family,it must have been really difficult for you to watch your dad die in front of your eyes,he was a pathetic dog anyways he deserved to die,and you are alone a fail doctor who has no one in life just his money’’

That’s the best example i can give you,i mean would you go this far be this cruel to anyone?This shows you how immature they are,they have 0 Empathy they wont even care about the dmg caused even doe they are sure what they are doing.

The best humiliation you can provide to a NPD is to stop bothering your mind with him/her and keep moving forward,just ignore him that would cause them Narcissistic Injuries since he/she has been neglected his/her whole life from his/her parents,so they put up a show to charm as much people as possible with lies manipulations etc so they can feed them supplies basically validating their existence importance etc because they feel the void emptiness they know deep down inside how worthless they are and how shit.

Close the doors trust me you don’t need to get on contact with him/her the best humiliation you can give him/her is when he/she hoovers just ignore them that kills them from inside you won’t be able to humiliate him/her with words,to be able to beat the devil in his game with his rules in his place you have to not play the game at all

Peace Up !

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