The Strangest Thing A Guest has ever done in your home

This is completely ,and unabashedly stolen, from a Quora forum. For me, this was an absolute no -brainer , which prompted me to respond .

Although it transpired over 29 years ago I can easily state that the oddest thing a “guest ” has done in my home was taking a nap in my bed , unknown to me ( I had a perfectly good, and comfy guest room) .

Working mom of then two children with a small home . I generally had three parties for each of my children due to the , aforementioned , small home and large families on both sides .If the weather permitted I could get away with one large one.

My son’s first birthday party ..hosting the in-law party and I noticed that “a guest” was missing . When I inquired regarding his whereabouts it was relayed to me that he was napping in my bed because he was tired from camping on the ground all night ( he had not showered or changed clothes in the interim) . I had a perfectly fine guest room with a large bed upstairs , which he bypassed. I admit , I am a bit of a clean freak due to numerous sinus infections, allergies, drug interactions etc so I was upset by the fact that someone would even engage in such behavior , without saying a word, asking ..crazy other things that may have polite and warranted .

I cannot even fathom doing this. I have taken a nap on my mother’s bed ..she was there with me and my granddaughter’s bed . I would never go into someone’s bedroom and sleep in their bed, especially if I was dirty


What do you think?

Moral here : Breeding shows …so does an absolute lack of class

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