For Better or For Worse ..or for PTSD?

Yes, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) . the same affliction that my cousin was diagnosed with after being shot down over Vietnam , having his guts torn out , and receiving a Purple Heart Medal .

You can get this disease from marriage, if you are not cautious ..if you are too kind to step back and away when you know you should have ..when you believe that people can change (they rarely do) …


I will be writing a post at a future date regarding red flags and that you should avoid them , at all costs , because it may cost you all that you know.


You cannot be locked up and terrorized ,for over a decade ,without suffering some permanent affects…

If only the children understood ..yes ladies you may find them gravitating towards your abuser ..life is rarely fair

3 thoughts on “For Better or For Worse ..or for PTSD?

    1. This is a joke but should matter . I have lost my family whom I cared deeply and fought for their entire lives …Just noted in PT notes that I have 70T loss of lowers and 40% loss of arm use. Guessing my kids think this a joke. They don’t even know when their mother is dying., or care .I was always there for them in their lives i. Thank you #WordPress for removing the comment by someone ( and if I can find out who they are …she is in jail)


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