SORRY Does Seem to be the hardest word

As Elton John stated once, in a song “Sorry seems to be the hardest word…it’s sad ..so sad…it’s a sad sad situation ..and it’s getting more and more absurd”

The words “I’m sorry “used to flow from my mouth like the proverbial verbal diarrhea . The past few years have been quite emotionally , and physically, difficult . I do face the prognosis of quadriplegia ( my Drs are amazed that I have held on this long).

Panic yesterday, as I was barely 8 minutes from my home and my left arm just decided to drop off the driving wheel . I have had extensive nerve damage for years …By all rights I should not even be functional . My Drs attribute this to my having exercised for 40+ years and strong mental fortitude ..more on that later .

I don’t really say these words too much anymore as it has dawned on me that PEOPLE NEVER APOLOGIZE TO ME ! Are they so accustomed to my generosity that they are beyond spoiled ?? Professional’s believe so ..

I have likely given away $75,000 worth of goods and items , if not more .

I am more than generous and I love people..and I would, and have , helped virtual stranger’s but until I actually receive apologies for transgressions to me ..I am done uttering those words ( unless I have really screwed up) . I own my accountability . It is time for others to do so .


Moral: Do not take good and loving people for granted because they may not be there the next time you need them

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