Denial Much?

I have no clue whether those who care , or should love me are in denial of the reality of my situation . I am firmly based in that reality , unfortunately .

Spouse, children..who fail to recognize signs of severe abuse and turn their backs on you.

Is that because they have no clue , have been brainwashed by the other party ? I have no clue

A few years ago my former daughter stated that she hated the Drs and therapists  who ruined my life.It was not the Drs and therapists who ruined my life. They have been working with me for over a decade to overcome injuries inflicted by your dad as well as a host, and lifetime, of other injuries . Don’t hate the messenger . They did nothing . They tried to help . And kudos to that daughter who informed me that daughter’s take care of their parents ( no they don’t)  Everything appears to be disposable .

You wonder, at what point , if there is a point, that your offspring wonder what happened to mom ?

How many physical and psychological trauma’s can one individual withstand? 55 years seems to be my personal limit . I would imagine that to be a relatively lengthy time

For all intent purposes , I expired, on a road in LI , NY slightly over two years ago .  I am unaware of the name of the road as I was too busy watching road signs for my OCD and inebriated driver.

I suppose that this is the same reason that I automatically freak, and panic , when I am  attempting to get my dinner , if someone is standing behind me..Mental conditioning …

It is too late for me but please contact me as it may not be too late for others ..there is always some form of hope .


I am so grateful that I could provide my children with opportunities that personally escaped me . That did, unfortunately, involve many hours of work and absence on my part . I can list that along with all my other regrets .




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