Welcome to my world

Day one. I was born in Sleepy Hollow New York on a Sunday Morning at 7:48 am . What I will recall most about that day is that my mother always told me about how she missed 8AM Sunday Mass . I have long considered this as the start of the cloud that would forever hang ¬†over my head, and earthly soul. Once upon a time, I was a very viable and attractive soul with many talents, which I refer to as gifts , because is that not what they are ? This is a dark tale about a female , who , despite all this, had no faith in herself and squandered , not only her gifts, but herself , on someone (S) who were quite abusive and demeaning and crushed her heart and soul. Look out for the red flags because they are flying (furiously) if you heed their warning. I would, strongly suggest, that you heed their warning . If something does not feel right in your gut , odds are it isn’t so follow your gut and your head because the heart can be mislead


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